My name is Roman and I'm a full-stack professional and a computer science hacker.

My primary areas of interest these days include:

  • Asynchronous backend & data pipelines (Node.js, Apache Spark, Play Framework)
  • Strict statically typed languages (Rust, Scala)
  • Infrastructure management (Terraform, Kubernetes)
  • Deep Learning (Keras)

Throughout my career, I've got exposure to dozens of technologies & approaches allowing me to always pick the best match for any job: from Rust to Javascript, from EJB to Go, from bare metal to Kubernetes, from Cassandra to PostgreSQL.

Not all tech is born equal though, so my personal favourites would be:

  • Rust as the majestic language of tomorrow
  • Scala + Play Framework as the majestic language of today
  • Node + Nest.js – a Spring Framework with half the memory footprint
  • Kubernetes as the ultimate deployment solution
  • Typescript + Next.js as the ultimate front-end platform
  • MongoDB as the ultimate store-anything solution that is good enough for almost any common task
  • Elasticsearch as the constant reminder that hardcore enterprise software doesn't always have to be dreadful.

My spare-time creations

I believe in practice making perfect & continuous learning, so I'm always there tinkering with some strange tech. These are the attempts that I'm still somewhat proud of:

  • Digito: a step into deep learning and UI development. A React-Keras amalgamation recognising hand-drawn digits (surprisingly well, to my amusement).
  • This website: a nice Scala + Mongo + Next.js app to serve my graphomania to the world.
  • DNS Proxy: an Erlang-powered proxy that runs through DNS protocol. University's Wi-Fis to tremble. With a fancy D client. My weirdest product to date.

Open Source

Early in my career I contributed to a few open source projects. While not looking like much, these remind me of the earlier days when my body could still work off crisps & soda:

  • KDE Telepathy's global menu bar support.
  • Kopete dialogue input auto-resize feature.
  • XEP-0136 implementation for Kopete's XMPP backend.

I used to be an avid OSS user (Linux on a microwave sort of thing), but had at some point found myself being too lazy for the task, subsequently converting to a Mac.


Beyond my work on OSS projects, I keep trying to be helpful for the community. My educational activities involve:

  • GSoC support: I used to be a co-mentor for Kopete History Plugin project in 2015 as a XEP-0136 implementation author.
  • Technical articles: sometimes I exhaust all other means of entertainment so much that I turn to graphomania.
  • Mentoring: I have a rule of not becoming annoyed by a same question being asked for the first 2 times by the same person. A real deal when it comes to mentoring. Complemented with ability to explain programming concepts on carrots and potatoes.

Roman Nazarenko

Senior full stack wizard, open source developer & debugger Jedi